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Joshua Tree spider named after U2's Bono

As a gardener and garden columnist, I've long dreamed of having a rose named in my honor. Roses aren't even among my favorite flowers, I just think it would be really cool to overhear people at the nursery saying, "Oh, and give me three Jessica Damianos please," just as they would order up an Oprah Winfrey rose, or an Elizabeth Taylor.

U2's Bono actually was just honored in that...

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Rockefeller Center tree to become a house

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree after its annual

(Credit: Getty Images)

Ever wonder what happens to the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree after the holidays? It doesn't get kicked to the curb like mine does. It doesn't even get turned into mulch. No, the behemoth evergreen gets turned into a house.

Tishman Speyer, the company that owns and operates Rockefeller Center, once again will mill lumber from the 80th Rockefeller Center tree -- an 80-foot Norway spruce...

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Zombie cockroaches inhabited by ants?

Ampulex compressa, also known as the emerald cockroach


Because you're all gardeners, something tells me not only do you notice insects when you're digging in the dirt, but you might even be fascinated by them. It doesn't matter how many times I see an ant carry a crumb away, it just never gets old. But I just came upon a whole new level of entomological discovery that stopped me in my tracks.

I'm familiar with the inner workings of the aphid's...

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Blooms on Broadway Botanical Expo coming to NY

African violets are among plants that will be

(Credit: istock)

Good news, orchid lovers: New York is getting another show. And this one won’t focus solely on orchids: Blooms on Broadway will feature 500 species of exotic plants and flowers, including African violets, houseplants and perennials.

International vendors from Equador, Japan and the U.S. will have display booths, and there will be an expert speaker series ("how to create a tropical rain...

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