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Gardening: It's not as easy as it looks

Workers harvest fresh greens for Good Eats CSA

(Credit: AP)

Infomercials famously make the products they're touting appear bigger, better, more efficient and generally easier to use than they actually are. You know that, and I know that. Still, armed with that intellectual knowledge and the ability to read through hype, I've had a handful of  too-good-to-be-true sucker moments over the years.

I've laid down some good, hard-earned cash for Wonder...

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Landscaping on Long Island roadsides comes to an end

New York State Department of Transportation workers plant

(Credit: Ed Betz)

If you think the side of your road is beautiful, enoy it while you can. And if you think the side of your road looks like, well, the side of a road, get used to it. It's not going to improve, at least not for the next five years.

That's because the State Department of Transportation is tightening its belt, and major landscaping projects on Long Island roads didn't make the cut. If you're wondering...

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Onions? Corn? What should NY's state vegetable be?

Corn is taking on the onion for the

(Credit: iStock)

State lawmaker have just taken up an issue of utmost importance: Deciding which vegetable should represent New York.

The bill was drafted by Sen. David Carlucci, a Democrat from Rockland County, who is pulling for the onion, a really big deal in his Black Dirt district, where it's a major crop. But Sen. Michael Nozzolio, a Republican who hails from the Finger Lakes, begs to differ: He's thrown...

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