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Rockefeller Center tree to become a house

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree after its annual

(Credit: Getty Images)

Ever wonder what happens to the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree after the holidays? It doesn't get kicked to the curb like mine does. It doesn't even get turned into mulch. No, the behemoth evergreen gets turned into a house.

Tishman Speyer, the company that owns and operates Rockefeller Center, once again will mill lumber from the 80th Rockefeller Center tree -- an 80-foot Norway spruce...

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When is a horse a butterfly?

Trifoliate orange growing in reader Mario Facinelli's Northport

(Credit: Handout)

In last weekend's column, I misidentified reader Tom Marren's tree as a wild plum, when in fact it's a trifoliate orange. Also called a hardy orange, the tree bears a similarity to the wild plum in that it's very thorny and produces golf ball-sized fruit that starts out green. That's all I was able to ascertain from the early-season, close-up photo Marren sent, but as it turns out, if I had inspected...

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Need to ID a tree? There's an app for that

Picture this: You're walking through a forest. No, you're admiring your neighbor's landscape. Or, wait -- you're on vacation and you can't identify any of the local trees. Regardless, you no longer have to sift through aboriculture encyclopedias trying to figure out exactly what it was you saw. Scientists have developed a mobile app to identify plants and trees simply by photographing a leaf with...

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LI elms among most extraordinary trees in U.S.

One of the many elm trees that define

(Credit: Derrick Henry)

Have you seen the elms of East Hampton? The Cultural Landscape Foundation has, and it's included them in its 2010 list of the 12 most extradorinary trees in the country and Puerto Rico.

The trees on the list, many of which are endangered, also include a 2-century-old tulip poplar  in Washington, D.C., and 4,000 cherry trees in New Jersey's Essex County Branch Brook Park. Also honored...

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Forsonymus? Surprised to find this over the weekend:

(Credit: Jessica Damiano)

Surprised to find this over the weekend: Looks like a partially blooming Forsythia, but I don't have any Forsythia. It's actually a Euonymus burning bush with a gift from a squirrel or bird planted beneath it.

I'm guessing it came from my neighbor's Forsythia, which you can see blooming on the other side of the fence.

 Since the Euonymus isn't doing anything exciting right now,...

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