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Hurricane Sandy storm preparations to take now

Sandy is knocking on the door, and I've got most of the hatches battened. Have you taken down your hanging planters? Be sure to put away anything that could fly around the yard Wizard of Oz style -- deck railing planters,  patio furniture, umbrellas and flagpoles, too.

Then make sure you have enough batteries, candles, nonperishable food. Powdered milk is good, too; you can mix it with...

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More snow is on the way

We just can't catch a break. Another snowstorm is predicted for Friday, with about an inch of accumulation expected on Long Island, with more north and west of Long Island.

No need to worry about your crocuses and daffodils; while you might lose a few tender flowers, they should be fine. You didn't plant your vegetables or annuals, right? Tell me you didn't. I know it's tempting to get anxious...

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