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5. Plant them Dig a home for your
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5. Plant them Dig a home for your newly divided daylilies. The hole should be wider than the clump and only deep enough so the top of the root ball ends up slightly above the soil line. Cover with soil, tamp down and keep it well watered. Email this photo gallery to your family, friends and favorite blogs. More gardening how-tos(Credit: Photo by Jessica Damiano)

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How to divide daylilies

While late summer-early fall is the ideal time to divide daylilies (Hemerocallis), these low-maintenance plants are so tough they can handle it anytime, from early spring through mid-fall. And they'll actually produce more flowers if they're divided every few years. Whether your daylilies are getting too crowded or you'd just like to spread the love around and share some with friends, here's how it's done. By Jessica Damiano

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