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Container tips: Make sure to choose a container
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Container tips: Make sure to choose a container that will accommodate plants at their mature sizes. Never use saucers, as they invite insects and impede drainage. Select plants with similar light and water requirements. Never use soil from the garden; it can harbor diseases and weed seeds and is too heavy for pots. Instead, use a soilless potting mixture that contains a combination of peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, nutrients, limestone and, if available, fast- and slow-release fertilizers. Fertilize when planting (but not if potting mixture contains fertilizer) and again six to eight weeks later. Deadhead spent flowers and remove discolored or damaged leaves once a week. Periodically check for disease and insects. Like this photo gallery? Send it to your family, friends and favorite bloggers by clicking here. More Gardening 101 : Step-by-step how-tos for a great garden, from Jessica Damiano, Newsday's Garden Detective.(Credit: Photo by Howard Schnapp)

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How to plant containers

We visited with Diane Burczyk at Hicks Nurseries in Wesbury for a demonstration on planting thrillers, fillers and spillers. By Jessica Damiano.

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