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4. Direct water to the roots Lay your
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4. Direct water to the roots Lay your hose on the ground just beyond the drip line and coil it in a spiral until it reaches the trunk. This ensures water will reach all the roots. Turn water pressure to low and allow to soak for two to three hours. Apply mulch to help retain moisture, taking care to leave room between the mulch and the trunk, and continue watering right up until winter. Evergreens will need continued watering during dry winter periods. More Gardening 101 how-tos Email this photo gallery to your friends, family and favorite blogs.(Credit: PHOTO BY JESSICA DAMIANO)

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How to water a tree properly

You'd think watering a tree would be a no-brainer. But the prevalence of sprinkler systems in private gardens and outright neglect in parking lots across Long Island tells me otherwise. It's important to remember that newly planted trees should receive regular supplemental waterings for their entire first year, and in some cases their second year, until they are fully established. After that, they still should be watered during periods of drought. BY JESSICA DAMIANO