Some people will just help themselves to anything that isn't nailed down. And if you consider having roots "nailed down," think again. I thought it wasy pretty bold when someone stole every last pear from my tree last summer, but today's story tops even that.

New York forest rangers working on a tip that someone was stealing trees from a state preserve near Riverhead said they caught Gilberto Arturo Bonilla-Sorta red-handed with six evergreens, according to The Associated Press. The rangers later found 86 other holes where trees had been, and said they believed Bonilla-Sorta might have swiped them, as well. Although it's not clear what the thief was planning to do with the trees, authorities said a juniper sold by a local landscaper could fetch as much as $160.

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Bonilla-Sorta, who said he lives in Burtonsville, Md., was handed over to federal immigration authorities, who had an arrest warrant for him; officials said he is from El Salvador. He pleaded guilty to nine violations of state environmental laws.