Hostess CupCakes was just one of Jason Weiss’ weaknesses. He loved sweets in general. Weiss was always on the heavy side, weighing about 220 pounds for most of his adult life, but during the past few years he hovered between 260 and 270 pounds, he said.

He has two young children — a 1-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son — and having them has changed his thinking and behavior. “I wanted to be healthy and able to keep up with them,” he says.

He tried dieting without exercising and then exercising without dieting and found that alone neither worked. Now he does both.

He shoots for 1,200 calories a day but allows himself a “cheat meal” once a week. “That would be whatever I was craving most that week,” he says.

He goes to two different gyms, with a personal trainer at each. Weiss has stayed with this routine for 23 weeks. “It’s a very boring diet, but it’s worked,” says Weiss.

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Early on, he was losing three to four pounds a week but says he’s now losing more inches than pounds, though he still wants to get below 200. A size large fits nicely. “It’s a great feeling. I haven’t worn a large since high school,” he says.


For breakfast, Weiss eats three scrambled eggs, augmented with liquid egg whites, and coffee. Lunch is a meal replacement shake and an apple. Dinner is usually grilled chicken with green vegetables, like green beans or broccoli.

He snacks on an apple or air-popped popcorn with just a dash of salt. He makes sure he drinks at least 120 ounces of water every day.


Weiss does five cardio classes a week plus a weightlifting class. His cardio is either boxing, spinning (stationary cycling) or a boot camp (eight different exercises done in a row without stopping).


“Stick with it. Even if you have a weekend where you’ve overeaten, get right back on it. And weigh yourself every day.”