The Dog Days of Summer

By Leanne Cook

Kidsday Staff Reporter, 9, Port Jefferson Station

This summer, I decided to keep myself from being bored and at the same time

earn some extra cash. While looking through some old magazines one day, I read

an article that gave me an idea for making treats for pets. My family has many

pets, and I simply love animals. We have a dog, twocats, a gerbil, a rabbit, a

lizard and many fish. The article gave tips on running a very small business,

such as buying the materials, packaging the treats and determining how much to

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sell them for.

I decided to begin my business by making dog treats. My mom and I went to

the store and purchased enough ingredients to make several batches. All the

ingredients are healthy, and I couldn't imagine a dog not liking them. My mom

and I had lots of fun baking together. As they were cooling on the table, my

Best Bets

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father almost ate one! They smelled so good, I don't think he realized that

they were dog treats. I also made packages out of brown lunchbags that I

painted dog bones on and tied with pretty ribbon. I personalized each bag by

writing "Specially Made by Leanne."

Naturally, I tried my treats on my dog first. As I predicted, Dallas loved

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them. I made up a list of people in my neighborhood who have dogs and started

telling them about my dog treats. I sold my first bag of eight treats to my

brother's friend for his dog, Spanky. I heard Spanky loved them. Once, I even

got a thank-you e-mail from one of my customer's dogs. Zeke wasn't feeling well

for several days, but he wrote to say that he loved my dog treats. I hope I

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made him feel better.

People started telling their friends about my dog treats, and my business

so far has been a great success. If you haven't noticed, I purposefully haven't

given away my secret recipe. Nothing personal- it's just business.

Make Some Money

By Taylor Lucchesi

Kidsday Staff Reporter, 11, Farmingdale

Here is another way to enjoy your time, and most importantly, make money.

I'm working on starting a baked goods and sweets company called Tal-Eats. I got

this idea from a great book called Moneymakers: Good Cents for Girls by Ingrid

Roper (Pleasant Company Publications, $7.95). It's for girls ages 9 to 12, and

teaches you not only how to make money, but also gives you confidence to do

anything you set your mind to. It will surely keep you from being a couch


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