A golden retriever went from man's best friend to man's best man when he was given an important role in his owner's wedding. Two-year-old Gabe was the best man at U.S. Army veteran Justin Lansford's wedding.

Gabe, a therapy dog and graduate of the Warrior Canine Connection, met Lansford in 2012, according to ABC News. The Warrior program paired Lansford with Gabe after he lost his left leg in an IED explosion in Afghanistan.

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Lansford told Fox News that Gabe instantly became an important part of his life. The service dog helps him open and close doors, lift himself off the ground and pick up things he's dropped. Most importantly, Gabe is an expert at providing much-needed emotional support and love.

Lansford says Gabe even helped him propose to his girlfriend, Carol Balmes, so, when it came time to choose a best man, the choice was obvious.

"I was not surprised [at his choice] at all," Balmes told Fox News. "They go everywhere together and do everything together, so it sort of just seemed like the natural decision."

Photos from the couple's special day show Gabe fulfilling his best man duties perfectly. He posed for traditional wedding shots, stood at the altar during the ceremony and even walked down the aisle with the couple.

The only thing Gabe probably didn't do was make a traditional best man speech.