Purin the soccer-playing beagle

Purin the Super Beagle plays her sport of choice in Japan.

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As Japan prepares for Saturday's World Cup match-up against the Ivory Coast, one star player will not be with them in Brazil. But we imagine she'll be howling at the TV coverage.

Purin the Super Beagle, so dubbed in her many videos and on her Facebook page, is a Tokyo resident with excellent skills on the pitch, but her canine status unfortunately keeps her from any official FIFA games.

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She is an all-star athlete nonetheless. In more than 40 videos on YouTube, the hound demonstrates abilities from handstands (really, pawstands) to catching a soccer ball, riding a skateboard to balancing atop a yoga ball. Purim, according to her Facebook page, has some 70 tricks in her arsenal.

Keep up with the snappily attired beagle on her YouTube channel.

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