This cat could have used some pajamas.

The stray Siamese went searching in Holbrook Sunday afternoon for a place to snooze and found it where only a cat could — deep inside a donated thrift store couch.

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Today’s lesson? One man’s hand-me-down couch is another cat’s ready-made sleeper sofa.

After burrowing in through a hole in the couch’s netting, the cat was jarred awake by unsuspecting workers at the Savers on Sunrise Highway thrift store. When they flipped the couch over, the workers found the frightened feline.

Employees gave the cat water and placed it in a cage before a representative from the Town of Islip’s animal shelter arrived, said the store manager, who declined to give her full name.

The cat appeared healthy, the manager said. Then the animal shelter worker took the stray to its next home.

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A town spokeswoman said she’s hoping for an owner and Siamese reunion. All the owner needs to do is contact the Islip animal shelter and be prepared to further identify the cat.