Call this a burger joint with a conscience. Everything chef owner Joe Tremblay serves is "from scratch," down to the burger buns. Early one evening, the order-at-the-counter place was filled with young families there for the homemade organic version of fast food.

Tremblay's efforts were apparent only some of the time. While a burger with "the works" was good and juicy, the meat and assertive toppings overshadowed the bun, which didn't seem so different from a bakery product. A veggie burger fashioned of roasted vegetables, lentils and brown rice was fine but even better was a less virtuous all-beef Kosher frankfurter. I really enjoyed the special sandwich of the week, a lively Cuban done with roast pork, ham and all the trimmings. It was a shame, though, that house-made "tater tots" and fries spent too long under a heat lamp. Best of the house-made ice creams was the chocolate Oreo flavor, more intense than the others.

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We ate outdoors on the pretty landscaped patio off the parking lot. It can get hot there, even under an umbrella. Still, as burger joints go, this one is pretty cool.

Update: 9/22/09:

An über-casual order-at-the-counter space with indoor and outdoor seating. 


Everything chef-owner Joe Tremblay serves is "from scratch," right down to the burger buns. Try a juicy, hand-shaped burger with "the works" (cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions and pickle) or a veggie burger made of roasted vegetables, lentils and brown rice. Also house-made are "tater tots" and ice cream.