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KOREAN MANDU AT KOREANA, Hicksville: The mandu at
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KOREAN MANDU AT KOREANA, Hicksville: The mandu at Koreana are no shrinking violets. These husky, hearty dumplings are filled with a mixture of beef and pork and served with a lusty dipping sauce of soy, hot pepper, scallions and sesame seeds. Each mandu is almost the size of an iPhone. Heartier still: the same mandu fried. $8.95(Credit: Linda Rosier)

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Delicious dumplings on LI: 10 good bets

There's no better example of culinary alchemy than the dumpling. Take some tasty filling, wrap it in simple pasta and something magical happens while it steams, boils or fries. Dumplings are known by many names -- wonton, kreplach, gyoza, shumai, ravioli, manti, mandu, pierogi, aushak, har gow, xiao long bao -- but in any language, they translate into great eating. --ERICA MARCUS, erica.marcus@newsday.com