Almost every Spanish-speaking country, in Europe, Latin American and the Caribbean, has its own version of the empanada, a little turnover stuffed with a filling that can be spicy, savory or sweet. Empanadas may be baked or fried and are often eaten out of hand.

Here are three places to find them:


Chef-owner Marivi Wolfe offers a trio of beef empanadas ($8) as an appetizer. They're flaky and crunchy, and their fillings are seasoned with authority.


One reason to visit this buoyant pan-Latin spot is for crisp little empanadas. They come four to an order ($6), two beef and two chicken.

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Roy Pelea and his family, with roots in Puerto Rico, have devoted an entire eatery to empanadas. A favorite is the traditional ground beef version with its "secret" sofrito sauce. There's also a chorizo and potato version as well as a spicy shrimp and mango, to name a few. $1.95 to $2.95 each.