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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

There are plenty of reasons to visit La Pace with Chef Michael in Glen Cove.

Here are three: sfogliatelle, warm chocolate cake, dark chocolate mousse.

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Pictured above are the flaky, multilayered sfogliatelle, the delicate, clamshell shaped pastries with a sweet ricotta-based filling, finished with vanilla and orange oil. They're  served warm. Given the portion at La Pace, three reasons to eat in Glen Cove are right here.

The warm chocolate cake, with deep chocolate flavor and none of the still-spreading "molten lava" gimmickry sent out at too many restaurants, also stands out, capped with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.

And, for anyone who has been looking for a genuine, dark-chocolate mousse, La Pace prepares a terrific one. The restaurant makes a popular, very good  white-and-dark chocolate mousse, but welcome the dark -- the real thing.

Lots of sweets will be consumed this holiday week. Try the ones at Michael Mossallam's stellar restaurant.

La Pace with Chef Michael, 51 Cedar Swamp Rd., Glen Cove; 516-671-2970.

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