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LaMotta’s Waterside Restaurant  in Port Washington offers one of Long Island’s loveliest views. From the shaded tables on the dining room’s outdoor deck you overlook the boats in Manhasset Bay Marina to the whole glittering bay beyond.

You could happily spend a few hours at LaMotta’s landscaped outdoor bar, sipping rose and eating clams. From 4 to 7 p.m., Monday to Wednesday clams on the half shell are 50 cents apiece; wings, 25 cents.

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Better yet, dine at LaMotta’s on Monday to Wednesday (from 4 to 9 p.m.) and take advantage of the “bottomless lobster pot” special for $36.95: appetizer, salad, corn, dessert and as many 1¼-pound lobsters as you can eat. Beautiful view, steamed lobsters, bargain price — what could be bad?

Taking full advantage of an unlimited lobster special requires attention. While the restaurant is happy for you to fill up on starters and side dishes, you need to preserve your appetite for the main event. Thus the first rule of unlimited-lobster specials: Ignore the bread on the table.

After your order is taken, the meal at LaMotta’s proceeds at a leisurely pace, and there are plenty of distractions before the lobster makes its first appearance. You’ll be asked to choose between two appetizers, gazpacho and fried calamari. Go for the gazpacho, the lighter choice — and the better one. Don’t get a creamy dressing for your salad; go for the oil and vinegar. When your lobster shows up, ignore the ear of corn; it’s only OK.

My friend and I each polished off three sweet and tender 1¼-pound lobsters and were feeling pretty good about ourselves until our waitress told us that she’d had more than a few customers who had consumed four apiece, and a couple that had vanquished 10 between them.

Hey, we did our best.

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LaMotta's Waterside Restaurant is at 10 Matinecock Ave., Port Washington, 516-944-7900, lamottas.net

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