Apple of Concord? Or discord?

A Grapple is an apple infused with artificial A Grapple is an apple infused with artificial grape flavor. (Dec. 13, 2012) Newsday / Erica Marcus. Photo Credit: Newsday / Erica Marcus

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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

Perhaps youve heard of the apple that the serpent persuaded Eve to share with Adam? The apple of discord that was the cause of the Trojan War? The apple that prompted Newton to come up with the theory of gravity? In Western civilization theres no more iconic fruit.

So its no small matter when folks decide to screw around with the apple. Thats what C&O Nursery of Washington state has done with the introduction of their Grapple, in which the sweet distinctive flavor of Concord grapes is combined with the crispness of a fresh, juicy Washington Extra Fancy apple.

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The Grapple is made by soaking an apple in a solution of methyl anthranilate (artificial grape flavoring); the flavor penetrates the skin without compromising the texture of the fruit. (For information on the specific flavoring used, Im indebted to VigorousBogs Blog and its link to the relevant Google patent search.)

The flavor? One colleague said more grape Charms than actual grapes. According to the Grapple website, Kids love em for their sweetness. Moms love em because theyre a delicious, healthy alternative for high fat, sugary snacks.

Couldnt the same thing be said about apples that havent been infused with methyl anthranilate?

Dont let their looks deceive you: These are Grapples.

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