Beach House lives again on Long Beach's West End

People sup outside at The Beach House on People sup outside at The Beach House on West Beech Street in Long Beach, NY on Saturday, August 1, 2009. Photo by Timothy Fadek Photo Credit: FREELANCE Photo by Timothy Fadek

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Feeling ran high at last nights reopening of the Beach House, apparently the first restaurant on Long Beachs flooded-out West End to make a comeback.

We were very lucky, since our kitchen and all our refrigeration equipment was on the second floor, said manager Allen Levy.

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He went on to describe the way things went down at the relaunch of the casual sports bar and eatery:  We got together, watched a football game, shared stories and got back in a spot where people could feel more normal.  Levy said, adding that after the Jets game, a 5-piece band played and people sang. There was a lot of hugging.

The restaurant, which is closed today and tomorrow, will be open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week.

Beach House is at 906 West Beech St., Long Beach, 516-208-8733.

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Above: Beach House, summer of 2009

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