Ephesus in Massapequa Park: Simple pleasures

At Ephesus in Massapequa Park, the shepherd salad At Ephesus in Massapequa Park, the shepherd salad is bright and the bread is homemade and fresh. (July 10, 2013) Photo Credit: Newsday / Erica Marcus

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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

A simple, fresh salad; good bread. Thats all I want.

Last night at Ephesus, the family-run Turkish restaurant in Massapequa Park, thats what I got. The bread, the flat-but-puffy Turkish pide, is made on the premises and makes Ephesuss bread basket one of Long Islands most appealing. The shepherd salad, $6.50, combines chopped ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, parsley, mint and oregano with lemon juice and olive oil. It is a salad I could eat every day.

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I followed up with a beyti kebab, $15.95, one of the glories of the Turkish kitchen. Chopped, spiced lamb is shaped around a skewer and grilled, then the kebab is wrapped with lavash (a thin, pliable Turkish bread not unlike a flour tortilla) and cut into segments as if it were a maki roll. Each segment is topped with tomato sauce and served with yogurt.

They dont reinvent the wheel at Ephesus. They just make great food.

Ephesus is at 514 Park Blvd. Massapequa Park, 516-543-4258, ephesusmedcuisine.com

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