Forecast: lotsa snow; Prep: lotsa soup

Good People's Farm in Huntington is a tasty Good People's Farm in Huntington is a tasty stop for soups, sushi and more. (February 2013) Photo Credit: Newsday Peter Gianotti

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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

Before you go absolutely crazy listening to repeated weather forecasts, consider the only rational response: soup.

Good People's Farm in Huntington has three replies today. They're serving chicken noodle, miso and vegetables soups for $3.99 each. Pick up a fruit salad, too. Or a few pieces of sushi, just to put you in a better frame of mind.

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At the NY Soup Exchange in Garden City, today brings Grandma's chicken noodle soup at $4.50, Milano minestrone for $4.25 and Gulfport Gumbo, which in addition to providing satisfying seafood for $5.50, should get you thinking about Mardi Gras.

Good People's Farm. 46 Gerard St., Huntington; 631-271-1455.

NY Soup Exchange, 945 Franklin Ave., Garden City; 516-742-7687.

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