Fresco Creperie hits the spot in Williston Park

Dessert offerings at Fresco Creperie & Cafe in Dessert offerings at Fresco Creperie & Cafe in Williston Park include a chocolate-almond crepe, on April 4, 2014. Photo Credit: Newsday / Erica Marcus

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It was 8:30 on Friday night, and Id had a long week. I was craving something sweet (like chocolate) but also something substantial enough to stand in for dinner. I headed to Hildebrandts on Hillside Avenue in Williston Park for an ice-cream soda at the counter, but my heart wasnt in it: It was cold out and Hildebrandts has no vestibule.

Inspiration struck: Fresco Creperie & Cafe, just down the block from Hildebrandts. What usually stops me from going to Fresco is that they only take cash which I am often short on. But I had in my wallet nearly $15, so I strode purposefully in, ordered a chocolate-almond crepe ($6.95) and almost swooned at how perfectly it hit the spot.

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Fresco Creperie & Cafe is at 72 Hillside Ave. Williston Park, 516-280-6630,

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