It’s end of summer weather, and appetites turn toward fall with this week’s recommendations for places to eat:

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From restaurant critic Melissa McCart

With midnight blue walls and a green light in the window, Gatsby’s Landing pays homage Fitzgerald’s classic, “The Great Gatsby.” The menu is less referential, with stewed shrimp and burrata among appetizers, an extensive pasta selection that includes cacio e pepe and mains such as brick chicken (pan-roasted under a weight). Don’t miss the specials: I was smitten with a comforting bean soup that points to fall. Gatsby’s Landing is at 1362 Old Northern Blvd., Roslyn, 516-277-2318,

From food reporter Erica Marcus

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American Cheese in Sayville is Long Island’s destination for American-made artisanal cheese. Most of the wares come from the Northeast, but the South, Midwest and West Coast are all represented. Cheese accouterments, from crackers to knives, are also available. And if you’d like to dine (inside or out), there are cheese plates, fondue, grilled cheese panini and small plates, accompanied by wine and craft beer. Sunday brunch, too. American Cheese is at 289 Railroad Ave., Sayville, 631-750-5202,