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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

Just opened in Great Neck, 2012 Café, a glatt kosher restaurant specializing in “Mexican fusion.” According to the ancient Mayan calendar, 2012 is the year the world will end and the restaurant’s menu bears an image of Chichén Itza, the Mayan pyramid in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

Based on that menu, “Mexican fusion” refers to a blend of Persian standards (hummus, kebabs), Mexican standards (guacamole, tacos), Tex-Mex standards (chili, nachos, burritos, fajitas) and American standards (wings, burgers, wraps).

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Could a kosher (i.e. cheeseless) Philly cheesesteak with one side of guacamole and another of hummus bring about the apocalypse?

2012 Café is at 105 Middle Neck Rd., Great Neck, 516-439-4700.

Newsday photo / Erica Marcus