Feed Me

The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

The first warm day of spring means one thing to me: Milkshake for dinner. So last night, I took my un-jacketed self to Hildebrandt’s in Williston Park for a liquid meal.

It looked like the fellow behind the counter scooped a pint of chocolate ice cream into the stainless steel milkshake cup. Then, six or so squirts of chocolate syrup and very little milk. He blended it for a few minutes before adding three heaping scoops of malt powder and giving it a final whiz.

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The shake is far too generous to be contained by the 12-ounce fountain glass it’s served in. So the metal cup is served alongside the glass for the customer to top herself off.

Total bliss for $5.95.

Happy spring.

HIldebrandt's is at 84 Hillside Ave., Williston Park, 516-741-0608.