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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

For nearly a decade, it served as both a friendly neighborhood bar and a full-fledged steak house. As of last week, JD's Restaurant and Tap Room became part of Huntington History.

Newsday's Peter Gianotti reviewed the place back when it opened in 2001, awarding it a single star. He called the shell steak "fibrous and juicy" while taking note of the lively scene: ". on Monday nights, the hot dogs and chicken wings come out to the beat of the NFL's game of the week. And on Sunday, the fare moves in tandem with the football schedule."

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A sign posted on the window advises former customers that Thursday trivia night is now being held at the nearby Nag's Head Ale House.

2006 Newsday Photo of JD's Restaurant & Tap Room/Howard Schnapp