There’s a new Japanese restaurant in Great Neck but the focus isn’t on sushi. Ippon, which opened last week in the Bond Street space that used to be Era, highlights the hearty, casual cooked items that, in Japan, are eaten as street food or quick meals: ramen noodles, yakitori (grilled skewers), donburi (rice bowls) and specialties from the izakaya — the Japanese equivalent of a gastropub.

The menu lists seven types of ramen ($11.95 to $12.95), from the classic pork tonkotsu with its savory, opaque broth, to a lighter “chikin” ramen in which fried chicken tops a noodled bowl of clear broth to a vegan option with vegetable tempura in a meatless broth.

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There are more than 20 items that can be threaded onto yakitori skewers and grilled. Seafood (salmon, eel, shrimp, etc.) skewers are $4.50; meat (beef, chicken wing, pork belly) are $3.50; vegetables (tomato, eggplant mushroom) are $2.80. Four donburi bowls ($8.95 to $9.50) feature either chicken and egg, pork cutlet, beef or teriyaki over rice.

Among the izakaya-style starters ($5 to $12.95) are gyoza dumplings, ginger-fried chicken, steamed buns and grilled squid.

Ippon also has a full sushi menu with a la carte pieces, entrees and the obligatory signature rolls. The Bond Street: spicy cooked salmon with seared salmon, crunch and creamy sauce.

Also of note: You can get a dozen raw oysters for $12.

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Ippon is at 6 Bond St., Great Neck, 516-829-3811