Kansas City Smokehouse, East Meadow: closed

Diners in the former RUB BBQ in East Diners in the former RUB BBQ in East Meadow, which became Kansas City Smokehouse Photo Credit: Newsday Photo

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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

Kansas City Smokehouse in East Meadow has closed.

Last August, the place opened as RUB BBQ, a joint venture between the noted Manhattan spot of the same name and the Singh Hospitality Group. But there was ongoing disagreement between the two businesses and, in December, RUB withdrew, taking its proprietary recipes out of East Meadow.

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The restaurant changed its name and put out a new menu. Apparently, not enough to save it.

The site,  not readily visible to passing Hempstead Turnpike traffic,  has housed a succession of other Singh-owned restaurants, among them Long Fin, BeSi, Ruby's Famous BBQ and two incarnations of Louis & Marxx.

Diners at the restaurant's first incarnation, RUB BBQ

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