Kasper's Original Hot Dogs, Northport: Closed

The "Chicago" dog at The Original Kasper's in The "Chicago" dog at The Original Kasper's in Northport had snap and vibrancy. (Sept., 2012) Photo Credit: Newsday Joan Reminick

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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

The Original Kaspers Hot Dogs in Northport has closed, soon to be replaced by a Mexican concept restaurant. The wiener-focused eatery, under the same ownership as Nina's Pizzeria,  has already been through two openings and as many closings since its 2011 debut.

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Franco La Rocca, executive chef for Ninas, Kaspers and its soon-to-hatch replacement, said that the hot dog-themed place across from the harbor did fine in summer but was too much of a lunch spot to make it through the colder months at that location.

But, he added, dont rule out a rebirth of Kaspers, next time at a more suitable spot for year-round survival.

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