Feed Me

The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

Specializing in Korean style fried chicken, Inboston Chicken in East Northport has the distinction of being the first Long Island branch of a small Boston chain, as well as the first to open outside Boston.

It takes over the storefront space that last hosted Big Bear Pizzelli.

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Here, there are only four tables; most orders are for takeout or delivery. Wings, drumsticks and thigh meat may be ordered in “classic,” style, fried once and coated with a thick glaze either sweet or spicy. Or, you can get your chicken double-fried and lightly doused with a soy garlic or “wildfire” sauce. A small order ($10.95) is either 10 wings or five drums or five wings plus 3 drums or else 12 “bites.” With that comes a choice of one side, such as potato salad, pickled radish, fries or coleslaw. There are also medium ($20.95) and large ($37.95) orders geared to feed crowds. Also on the menu are chicken teriyaki or bulgoki (sliced marinated stir-fried rib-eye) over rice ($7.95).

Inboston Chicken is at 36 Laurel Rd., East Northport, 631-651-8004.