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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

Are you still undecided about who should be president?

Such a choice requires a clear head and a strong stomach. So, today to Nov. 5, Legal Sea Foods offers blue-plate and red-plate specials pegged to the presidential election.

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The restaurant's "Blue Plate Special" is macadamia-coconut crusted mahi mahi, reflecting President Barack Obama's home state, Hawaii. On the side: roasted Brussels sprouts in lime-butter sauce.

The "Red Plate Special" is pan-seared cod in a bourbon-lobster cream sauce, cod being a staple of former Gov. Mitt Romney's Massachusetts. On the side: steamed spaghetti squash.

Guess the bourbon part is all right for Romney, a teetotaling Mormon, because the alcohol burns off in the cooking.

No surprise that the seafood house didn't pick an entree for the Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson. He'd want to make the choice himself.

Each dish is $25.95. Maybe it's deductible.

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Legal Sea Foods, 160 Walt Whitman Rd., at Walt Whitman Mall, Huntington Station; 631-271-9777.

The "Blue Plate Special" at Legal Sea Foods.