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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

In this week’s Newsday, Lauren Chattman reviews Fresh Hamptons in Bridgehampton, Todd Jacobs' casual, vegetable-focused new restaurant that takes over the soaring, rustic space that used to house the short-lived Southfork Kitchen. “With the name Fresh Hamptons,” Chattman writes, “Jacobs promises something new, and he delivers in a variety of ways. A thriving vegetable garden out front is a preview of the menu, which focuses on produce, lightly handled to allow its freshness to shine.”

Joan Reminick visits Uva Rossa in Malverne, a wine bar (Uva Rossa means “red grape” in Italian) that specializes in Italianate small plates. Though the room is noisy, she writes, “chef-owner Antonio Bove's kitchen seems to know what it’s about.”