Magic Fountain in Mattituck: Summer flavors

Unusual flavors are popular at Magic Fountain in Unusual flavors are popular at Magic Fountain in Mattituck, in June 2014. Photo Credit: Newsday / Peter M. Gianotti

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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

Magic Fountain's jet of playful flavors shoots into summer with a taste of rainbow cookie, plus coconut-avocado and lavender.

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You can have some fun at the Fountain, a local landmark increasingly known for its untraditional, custom ice cream flavors and seasonal favorites. Purists will be challenged, but the more mainstream choices could bring you back, too.

Rainbow cookie is pretty good, but lavender improves on it. Hazelnut biscotti finishes ahead of coconut-avocado. If you want to mix coconut with something different, try coconut-jalapeno. Keeping with the calendar, strawberry shortcake currently is available. And, accordingly, you'll have to wait for fall to dive into sweet corn.

It's almost impossible to leave with only one scoop or flavor. A medium-size cup with two scoops is $5.25.

Magic Fountain, 9825 Main Rd. (Route 25), Mattituck; 631-298-4908.

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