MP Taverna in Roslyn: Get thee to the Greek brunch

"Country 'cast iron' breakfast" is among the offerings "Country 'cast iron' breakfast" is among the offerings on the brunch menu at MP Taverna in Roslyn. (Jan. 8, 2011) Photo Credit: Newsday/Erica Marcus

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Its bad form, I know, on a first visit to a restaurant, for everyone to order the same thing. But my mother and I just couldnt help ourselves. The Country cast-iron breakfast at MP Taverna in Roslyn sounded so good. (This wasnt actually my first visit to Michael Psilakiss newish Greek restaurant, but it was my first brunch there.)

Could you resist something described as three baked eggs, loukaniko, bacon, roasted tomato, garlic, potatoes a la plancha, grilled toast?

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The dish that showed up, well worth the $15, was slightly different from the one described instead of roasted tomato there were grilled onions and red and green peppers; toast had morphed into grilled pita but delicious nonetheless. My one complaint was that the pan was so screamingly hot, the eggs slightly overcooked. Not that I cared much when I could enjoy both bacon and loukaniko (that subtly orange-peel-scented Greek pork sausage) in the same mouthful.

MP Tavernas brunch menu is about one third creative brunch items (e.g. skillet-baked eggs with roasted tomato and Cretan graviera cheese, ricotta pancakes with caramelized apple and zabaglione) and the rest a selection of the regular menus lighter options meze, sandwiches, salads, pastas and entrees. Your pal (or your mom) could have a bagel-and-lox platter; you could start with octopus-chickpea salad and a grilled branzino. Nothing is more than $19. Another nice touch: good French press coffee.

Perhaps it was the Giants playoff game keeping people home, but MP Taverna was empty when we arrived at noon; 90 minutes later there were only a handful of tables occupied.

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MP Taverna is at 1363 Old Northern Blvd., Roslyn, 516-686-6486.

Country cast-iron breakfast at MP Taverna in Roslyn

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