New Schaudel restaurant opening in Aquebogue

Comtesse Therese Bistro in Aquebogue will be being Comtesse Therese Bistro in Aquebogue will be being transformed into The Petulant Wino, expected to open before Memorial Day 2014. This is the restored 1835 building on May 13, 2011. Photo Credit: Randee Daddona

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Theres a new Tom Schaudel venture on the horizon, but this time its his daughter Courtney who is the driving force. Courtney, a former waitress at CoolFish in Syosset, has teamed up with CoolFishs longtime chef Lenny Campanelli to open The Petulant Wino in Aquebogue. (Tom Schaudel operates A Lure and A Mano on the North Fork, as well as Jewel in Melville.)

The Wino takes over the gracious, wide-porched building that since 2010 has housed Comtesse Therese Bistro. Under the direction of chef Arie Pavlou, the Bistro served French food in an elegant setting and featured the wines of the Comtesse Therese winery, on the edge of whose vineyard it was situated.

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Under its new team, the vibe is going to be approachable cool, Courtney said. We want this to be that place where you just want to hang out. Campanellis menu will be gastro-pubby -- with small plates, a great burger, charcuterie and a raw bar.

There will be local wines, throwback cocktails and a wine list of half Long Island wines (with Comtesse Therese being well represented) and the rest funky wines from the rest of the world. For guests who want to bring their own Long Island wine, there will be no corkage fee.

Courtney conceded that the name Petulant Wino, was her fathers idea. Im not sure exactly what it means, she said. It might be autobiographical. But either way hes got too many years of experience for us to argue with him.

If everything goes according to plan, The Petulant Wino will open before Memorial Day at 739 Main Rd., Aquebogue.

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