Oak Room Tavern in Sea Cliff: First bites

Pulled-pork sliders at Oak Room Tavern in Sea Pulled-pork sliders at Oak Room Tavern in Sea Cliff. (Oct. 2012) Photo Credit: Newsday Peter Gianotti

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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

Oak Room Tavern cheerfully keeps a pubby style, and adds some good food. It's a warm stop on a cool night.

But if that night is Saturday, you're likely to be standing for a while. About 40 diners can fit into this Tudor-style joint and, by the time your appetizer arrives, just as many will be waiting for your seat. Oak Room gets noisy and crowded very fast.

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Whenever you go, try the shrimp cocktail (three big ones) or the pulled-pork sliders (more like little sandwiches); and the roasted chicken with a truffled potato puree (juicy, tender). There are some good brews on tap. And service is friendly, even the 10-seat bar is three deep.

Oak Room Tavern, 242 Sea Cliff Ave., Sea Cliff; 516-277-2350.

Pulled-pork sliders at Oak Room Tavern.

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