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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

Downtown Huntington is a beacon for restaurants. There's an especially sizable contingent of spirited Asian dining rooms. But Asa stylishly expands the repertoire, blending vibrant, Peruvian-style dishes with lively sushi.

It's a sharp, sleek, good-looking destination, minimally decorated and devoted to stirring preparations, particularly ceviche, tiradito (Peruvian sashimi), tempura, and skewered meat and shellfish.

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Try the trio of tasty tacos filled with tuna, salmon and yellowtail, finished with onion and tomatillo salsa. Enjoy the yellowtail accented with sliced jalapeños and cilantro; or the fluke with peppery heat and just enough lemon. Rock shrimp tempura with aioli and pozu sauce also stands out.

The sushi rolls are many. And, just in case, the kitchen prepares very good ramen, with fine noodles, savory broth, and either beef or chicken.

Asa Tapas n Sushi, 46 Gerard St., Huntington; 631-683-5330.