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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

The other morning, I couldn't help but notice that my pancakes at the Premier Diner in Commack were pale green. And that’s exactly the way the eatery’s co-owner Helen Georgatos designed them.

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Georgatos, whose inventive breakfast ideas elevate the diner above the commonplace, wanted to make pistachio pancakes for pistachio ice cream lovers. While there’s a bit of green food coloring and a dash of pistachio flavoring involved, the nut-studded flapjacks aren’t the least bit over-sweet or heavy-tasting. I found them surprisingly light. And likable. They’re $7.50 for a stack of three.

Premier Diner is at 690 Commack Rd. Commack, 631-462-1432, thepremierdiner.com.