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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace just keeps rolling along. Last night my friends and I found the place pretty deserted—but that could have been the hideous weather or the normal Monday-night blues. The meal was very satisfying.

Usually a purist, I opted for this L.A. burger, with avocado relish, watercress, cheddar cheese and tomato, and I have to say that all those extraneous elements conspired to make a pretty delicious package although the burger itself, requested medium rare, was medium on its way to medium well.

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My pal’s Dallas burger, thoroughly enjoyed, came medium rare as requested. The other pal eschews red meat but was happy with her Santa Fe turkey burger, except for the “queso sauce,” which struck an off note. I consulted the recipe in Flay’s cookbook “Burger’s Fries & Shakes” and discovered it was actually a classic white sauce enriched with Monterey Jack cheese.

French fries, sweet potato fries—both excellent. For dessert we split a chocolate malted three ways. Two ways too many for me, but I didn’t want to seem piggish.

Another good thing about Bobby's Burger Palace: A beer selection that includes Blue Point Toasted Lager, Sierra Nevada, Dundee Honey Brown and Ancho Steam plus very drinkable proprietary BBP red and white wines by the glass.

Bobby’s Burger Palace is at 355 Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove, 631-382-9590.

Newsday photo / Erica Marcus

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