Smithtown: Morning at Maureen's

"Dinosaur egg" at Maureen's Kitchen, Smithtown. "Dinosaur egg" at Maureen's Kitchen, Smithtown. Photo Credit: Joan Reminick

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You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning if you want immediate seating at Maureen’s Kitchen in Smithtown, prime contender for the title of Long Island's most popular breakfast spot. At 9 a.m. on a recent weekday, though, I found no wait at all.

The highlight of breakfast was something called a “dinosaur egg” – three whites and one yolk done over-easy. Sharing the plate were some of the best home fries I’ve had in ages – peppery, crusty, savory, irresistible.

But Maureen’s pancakes let me down. Oat bran-banana-almond flapjacks were somewhat dry and stuffy, while plain pancakes tasted as though they’d originated with a mix.

Maureen’s Kitchen is at 108 Terry Rd., Smithtown, 631- 360-9227.

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"Dinosaur egg" and home fried potatoes at Maureen's Kitchen in Smithtown

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