Soup dumplings at Zong’s Shanghai in Bethpage

(Credit: Feed Me)

No breaking news here, just the eternally gratifying information that Zong’s Shanghai serves soup dumplings. I stopped by for a fix over the weekend and fell in love all over again. The dumplings, called steamed juicy buns on the menu, accomplish the mean feat of containing broth inside their tender skins, along with a lump of ground-and-seasoned pork. To eat one, transfer it gently from the bamboo steamer into a soup spoon. (Use the tongs to grasp the comparitively sturdy top-knot; if you grab the dumpling around its equator, you will puncture it.) Spoon a bit of the soy-vinegar sauce on top of the dumpling, then bring it up to mouth level. Pretend you are a little bunny and take a tiny bite out of the side of the dumpling. Now slurp the broth out. When you’ve sucked it all out, you can eat the dumpling.

--Erica Marcus

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