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In 2009, Starbucks introduced VIA  instant coffee. The micro-ground coffee comes in little foil packets and, dissolved in a cup of boiling water, tastes remarkably like fresh brewed. I tried it when it came out, noted its quality and promptly forgot about it.

 I freely admit that I’m a coffee snob. When I visit folks whose coffee service is either unknown or substandard, I bring along a stovetop Moka (espresso pot) and ground beans. (Not only does this start the day off on a high note, it lessens the chances that my first words to my host will be insulting ones.)

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But when I arrived recently at the Florida condo that my dad is renting for the winter, I realized I had forgotten my coffee setup. Dad, an otherwise great guy, likes his coffee weak and cheap. That first morning was bitter, and I said some unkind things to a parent who raised me, sent me to college, etc.

That evening, I wandered into Starbucks. There, at the register, was a variety of VIA blends. I bought a 12-pack of Italian Roast for $9.95. Harmony restored the next morning.