Sushi rolls gone wild

Volcano roll at Blackstone Steakhouse, Melville: With king Volcano roll at Blackstone Steakhouse, Melville: With king crab, pepper tuna and honey-wasabi sauce, it's also true to the pyrotechnic name and ignited tableside. Photo Credit: Newsday / Rebecca Cooney

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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

Long Islands Japanese restaurants may not serve the worlds most authentic sushi rolls but they may well serve the craziest.

Bananas! Yes, these rolls are bananas, and there are also bananas in them at Sushi Ko in Merrick. Kobe beef? Mango salsa? Cream cheese? Truffle oil? Slap some rice around it, cut it into sixths and its all fair game.

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Even a modest roll can get committed through its name. Exhibits A, B and C: Billy Whats Up roll at Show Win in Northport, Invincible Sandwich roll at Arata in Syosset and the immortal Scottish Goat roll at Nisen in Commack.

Check out our gallery of crazy rolls here. And tell us whats the craziest roll youve had on Long Island in the comments section below.

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