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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

I recently returned from a five-day trip to Nebraska where I reveled in the beauty of the prairie. Driving for hours through waving wheat and corn as high as an elephant’s knee, I was awed by the fecundity of our country’s midsection.

But why, I wondered, weren’t there any fresh vegetables in evidence? In Southern Nebraska, restaurant side dishes consist of French fries, onion rings and breaded, fried nuggets that, according to the menu, contain either mushrooms or cauliflower. “Salad” meant something covered in mayonnaise.

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So I’ve been on a vegetable rampage since I returned to New York. Last week I enjoyed this dinner at Mediterranean Kebab House in Westbury. As with all Turkish restaurants, vegetables were very much in evidence: I started with a shepherd salad—chopped tomato, green peppers, cucumber and onions—and some hummus. My Adana chicken kebab came garnished with yet more salad, a grilled tomato and delicious pickled red cabbage.

What a relief.

Mediterranean Kebab House is at 190 Post Ave., Westbury, 516-333-8715.