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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

Joan Reminick visits Biscuits & Barbeque, “secreted away in an industrial section of Mineola” in a 1940s vintage railroad-car diner in whose “gleaming interior, some of the most satisfying Louisiana-style food in these parts awaits.”

This week’s fine-dining review takes in Jellyfish, the waterside spot in Centerport whose kitchen is helmed by James McDevitt (formerly of Four Food Studio, Melville, and the now-defunct Two Steak & Sushi Den, New Hyde Park) and the sushi bar by Morimoto alum Johnny Shih. “Like the creature for which it’s named,” writes Reminick, “the restaurant is an amorphous entity that slips precise definition.”

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Above: At Biscuits & Barbeque in Mineola