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LA NOTTE, Huntington WHAT: Strozzapreti, Parmesan cheese sformato, LA NOTTE, Huntington
WHAT: Strozzapreti, Parmesan cheese sformato, eggplant-wrapped halibut, pan-roasted Berkshire pork chop, chicken alla cacciatora, pan-seared duck breast, chocolate-peanut butter mousse.

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Photo Credit: Johnny Simon

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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

In this week’s Newsday, Peter Gianotti visits La Notte, which takes over the Huntington address previously occupied by Bel Posto, Tello, Mangiamo and Orlando. “Pastaterians will recall so many Italian restaurants at this address that a marinara river must run through it,“ he writes. “La Notte keeps the red-sauce tradition going, but adds other flavorful fare, too.”

Joan Reminick reviews Golden Chicken in Bay Shore, a cozy Peruvian storefront where “you can get the namesake rotisserie chicken, burnished gold and spice-infused throughout. But poultry is only the beginning of what you’ll find here.”


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