Ting in Huntington: First bites

Ting will be at 92 E. Main St. Ting will be at 92 E. Main St. in Huntington. Photo Credit: Newsday/Joan Reminick

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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

Asian-fusion, which has become more than a trendlet on Long Island, is the theme at the new Ting in Huntington. It's well-played.

Ting succeeds Dao and Legacy, the two restaurants with similar orientation that recently occupied this site, and improves on both.

Ting covers a lot of territory, from sushi and satay to Beijing duck and mashed potatoes. Some good choices: curry-infused butternut squash soup with coconut shrimp; chicken Soong-style lettuce wraps; and Singapore-style noodles; and beef in a snappy Malaysian sambal sauce.

Yes, lo mein, General Tso, teriyaki and company make their obligatory appearances, too. But this is no ordinary mishmash of cuisines. It's some Ting.

Ting, 92 E. Main St., Huntington; 631-425-7788.

Ting definitely has arrived.

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