Vegetarian first bites in Islip

Vegetarian Chinese food is the specialty at Vege Vegetarian Chinese food is the specialty at Vege Favor in Islip (September, 2013) Photo Credit: Newsday/Joan Reminick

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The dish on Long Island's restaurant and food scene.

If youre among those who dont eat meat, you can order anything on the menu at Vege Favor in Islip. Everything is vegetarian   Asian, too.

A recent lunch in the bright, airy counter-service eatery proved a generally positive experience    following a letdown of steamed dumplings whose fillings were bland and mealy. But kung pao chicken, made with tofu, celery and peanuts, proved spicy and satisfying. While a friend's mango chicken was a bit too sweet for me, she liked it just fine. And eggplant   requested with spicy garlic sauce on the side was a bright dish.  Accompanying it was brown rice, at once floral and wholesome. An alternate side dish,  plain lo mein with cabbage, was another hit.

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The place features self-serve frozen yogurt as well as freshly squeezed and blended juices.

Vege Favor is at 496 Main Street, Islip, 631-650-7788,

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