First, raise your glass: Happy Thanksgiving. And think about wine gifts for the holidays.

Now, that glass could be made of silicone. Spruce Silicone Glasses from Cork Pops are durable, able to withstand the unexpected squeeze or pressure. Ideal on a picnic, they're also helpful at party time. The glasses impart no flavor other than the beverage's. They're made in sizes for wine ($20) and for shots ($8) and can go in the dishwasher.

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From soiréehome comes "tilt," an iceless, center-weighted sphere that chills your drink and doesn't affect the flavor. Keep it in the freezer, then put it in your glass. Or use it to keep the dip cold. Remove "tilt" ($35) from the glass with the included retrieval hook.

Metrokane, which brought you the popular Rabbit corkscrew series, offers the Electra Wine Tool Kit ($50). It includes an excellent electric corkscrew that goes through plastic, too; a shiny, chrome foil cutter; and a wine-preserving stopper, all in a Lucite case. The black and red vacuum-pump wine-preserving stoppers ($5) are available separately. The Electric Wine Preserver ($40) quickly creates a vacuum and includes two stoppers. The taste of the wine is preserved and the bouquet can last about a week, sometimes longer.

CapaBunga presents imbibers with a practical, two-pack of silicone wine-bottle toppers ($7.95). They fit tightly over the mouth of the bottle.

And the Spiegelau Refresh Beer Stein ($19.90), expertly tapered and molded to enhance the aroma and the flavor of your favorite brew, will be just right when you're celebrating this holiday season.